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Mother's Day in Mexico

Mother's Day in Mexico

Mother's Day in Mexico is one of the most respected and expected holidays. The 10th of May is devoted to the celebration in honor of mothers here for almost 100 years: the first time it was celebrated in Mexico in 1922.

Being mom is not a profession that women need to be taught. It is a gift from nature, a destination, through which the human race continues. Moms are the center and support of every family, so they deserve to have their day in the year.

Mother's Day was invented by Julia Ward Howe in 1872, and it was originally dedicated to mothers in favor of world peace. Later, it began to be celebrated as a family holiday. Mother's Day is celebrated in over 40 countries on different dates, mostly on the second Sunday of May.

To demonstrate their love and respect for their mothers, the Mexicans traditionally begin the celebration with the song "Las mañanitas" (in Spanish “mañanita” means “dawn”). It is performed, as a rule, a cappella but some people hire a trio or even mariachis. The most part of families on Mother's Day assemble at parents’ home, to spend as more time as possible with the hero of the occasion. On this day, the families prepare sumptuous food or the whole company goes to a restaurant.

On Mother's Day flowers and gifts are obligatory. Many stores even have special discounts to entice the children to buy.


But the celebration takes place not only in the family circle. City authorities organize celebrations, in schools the concerts are arranged, organized by the children for their mothers. They sing songs, read poetry, devote dances to most dear people. All pupils are involved in concerts: from the smallest ones to the guys who finish their studies. In many schools, on the eve of the holiday the children make crafts, decoration for home or embroidery as s gift for Mom.




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