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Father's Day in Mexico

Father's Day in Mexico

This holiday appeared more than a hundred years ago. The idea of its creation is registered to Sonora Smart Dodd (the daughter of a Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart), which was very fond of his father. Mr. Smart, the father of six children, was widowed when his wife died during sixth childbirth. However, despite the modest life on the farm, a single father was able to raise not only a newborn, but also the other five children.

The story says that Sonora has thought of honoring of fathers hard work during the Mass in honor of the newly established Mother's Day. She appealed to the authorities of the state of Washington, in which lived, and proposed his father's birthday, June 5, as the date for the celebration of Father's Day. Suggesting the establishing of a new holiday grateful Sonora wanted to pay tribute to her father and all caring fathers of America involved in the upbringing of children. To get everything organized, the authorities have set aside for the new holiday the third Sunday of June.


First Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in the hometown of Smarts’ family – Spokane, in state of Washington. Only in the late 30s of the twentieth century the idea of Father’s Day celebration at the national level began to be considered, and finally, in 1966, the U.S. President signed a decree that ordained to devote the third Sunday of June to all American fathers.

Over time, the celebration of Father's Day spread to the countries of Latin America and Europe. In Mexico, this holiday is celebrated since 1950.


On Father's Day the children and grandchildren give presents to their fathers and grandfathers. The little ones often prepare them in school, and the older children can even buy something on the saved pocket money. The day is devoted to joint pastime: someone leaves the city with the whole family, and the others go to a restaurant for a celebratory lunch or dinner. Some community organizations arrange various events dedicated to the Father’s Day. For example, on June 15, 2014 in Mexico City the festive running on distance of 21.0975 km will be realized.

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