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Restoration Day in Dominican Republic

Restoration Day in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a country with a complicated history. Christopher Columbus landed on the island of December 5, 1492, in his very first swim. Until 1795 the island was a Spanish colony, and later was assigned to France, which at that moment for almost a hundred years possessed the western part of the island (now the Republic of Haiti). During the Haitian Revolution the island was included in the Haitian republic. In 1821, after a long period of uncertainty, the eastern part of the island was occupied again by Haiti, and in 1844 an independent Dominican Republic was proclaimed. But in 1861, Dominican Republic converted in a part of Spain that was not met with understanding by the majority of its population. As a result, the Restoration war for the independence of country began on August 16, 1863.

Within two years, the Dominican patriots fought for the most important thing which the every person or country has and should have – freedom. The war caused many victims on both sides – Dominican and Spanish. The number of dead increased thereon the yellow fever epidemic, which claimed many lives not only of military but also of civilians. The fields of the country were destroyed, many animals died.

March 3, 1865 Queen Isabel II of Spain declared an end to the war. In July of the same year, the last Spanish soldier left the land of the Dominican Republic. It became independent again.

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