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Independence Day in Peru

Independence Day in Peru

The festive day begins with the sound of gunfire at dawn: at this time there is a solemn flag-raising.

After hearing of the solemn speech of the President and the good news about what is happening in the country, Peruvians go to the streets, to make a noise, to celebrate and to watch the parade of civil and military delegations.


The obligatory part of the Independence Day of the Republic of Peru, like of the any other large-scale holiday, are fairs, liked very by Peruvians, exhibitions, concerts and street festivals, participated by dancers, singers and musicians.


The celebration lasts for two days: July 28 – in honor of the independence of Peru, proclaimed by a liberator of Peru, the General Jose de San Martin, and July 29 – in honor of the Army and the National Police of Peru.

Peruvian families spend a weekend devoted to the Independence Day of the country, indulging hobbies and entertainment; many of them go on a short journey.

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