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The holiday of Vendimia

The holiday of Vendimia

In the Valley of Guadalupe – Mexico's wine region, the wines of which are known far beyond the country – the harvest is cropped in late July and in August the festivities dedicated to this event begin. It is a magical holiday of Vendimia, the holiday of grapes rebirth into wine – otherwise, as a magic, this process cannot be called.


In honor of the celebration the wine companies arrange concerts, theatrical performances with famous actors and musicians of the country. The obligatory part of Vendimia is also traditional Mexican dances and mariachi’s singing.


Ordinary tourists can participate in the making of wine... working with own feet. For the joy of participants of the celebration there are huge tubs filled with recently harvested grapes. And after active and exciting labor the tourists will taste the local cheeses, wines and the dishes of local cuisine.

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