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Independence Day in Mexico

Independence Day in Mexico

Independence of the United States of Mexico was achieved during the 11-year war, which began on the night of 15th on 16th of September, 1810 at the call of the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. These appeals were later called "Grito de Dolores» (“grito” – “shout” in Spanish and Dolores - the name of the village where the rebellion began), and they are traditionally repeated by the President annually on September 15 at 23:00 from the window of the Presidential Palace. Thousands of people gathered in the square take up and repeat: "Viva Mexico!" Then the President rings a bell (as Miguel Hidalgo did many years ago, calling for an uprising) and all people solemnly sing the national anthem.


On September 16, a military parade in honor of the anniversary of the Independence of Mexico is organized in the main square of the country. It is attended by the President of the country and the main military leaders.


Each state presents its military resources, means intended to protect the public and help it in an emergency, and the parade is crowned by magnificent Charros, the riders in traditional costumes. They appeared during the War of Independence of Mexico, and General Emiliano Zapata was a brilliant representative of Charro.


After the parade, Mexican families devote a day to the celebration. The whole family gathers to enjoy a rich table with traditional dishes: the relatives and friends are treated with a hearty soup (pozole), chili, cooked with cream sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds (chiles en nogada), a variety of tacos with fried meat, tamales, guacamole, decorated in colors of the Mexican flag – green, white and red.




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