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Revolution of 1944 Day in Guatemala

Revolution of 1944 Day in Guatemala

The day of October 20, 1944 for Guatemala marked the beginning of political and social changes of great historical significance. Not only 108 days of Federico Ponce Valdes’ regime came to an end, but also an epoch of the dictatorship, provided in the most sinister way by 22 years of the government of Manuel Estrada Cabrera and 14 – of Jorge Ubico.

The popular uprising marked the beginning of 10 years of democratic revolution in Guatemala, a period that was later called "Ten years of spring" and "Golden Age" of Guatemala. During this period the country was governed by the revolutionary junta and two democratically elected presidents, who took a number of political, economic and social measures that changed Guatemala and began a period of the organization, mobilization and growth of consciousness of the workers and peasants.

As a result of the revolution in 1944 in Guatemala the Labor Code was created, the syndicates was opened, the Institute of Social Security (IGSS) was created. An education without discrimination became available and was reformed; education, women and illiterate people get the right to vote.

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