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Teacher's Day in Mexico

Teacher's Day in Mexico

Teacher's Day was first celebrated in Mexico in 1918, after the signing of the decree by the President Venustiano Carranza. The day of 15th of May was marked by two events on the calendar: the capture of Queretaro and a day of remembrance of Saint Juan Bautista de la Salle, the patron of all educators. In honor of the last one till nowadays teachers are honored precisely on May 15, despite the fact that UNESCO recommends to do it on October 5.

Today, Mexico has more than 1 million 800 thousand of teachers, of which more than 60% are women. 80% of male teachers and 72% of female teachers have higher education.

The most popular present to the Teacher's Day is traditionally flowers from students. Many pupils give to their teachers an apple, the symbol of knowledge since the times of Adam and Eva. The outstanding teachers of the country on May 15 reach the Jose Vasconcelos award; he was a famous Mexican writer, philosopher and politician.

The day of 15th of May is a non-working day in all educational institutions of Mexico.

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