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The world of Mayas of Yucatan + Palenque + Cancun, 6 days/ 5 nights

The world of Mayas of Yucatan + Palenque + Cancun, 6 days/ 5 nights


  • Duration: 6 days/ 5 nights
  • Price in DBL p/ person: 890 USD


Yucatan is famous for the world's largest system of underground reservoirs with mazes and numerous craters from 2 to 20 meters of width. These craters are called cenotes (cenote means "something deep"). They were the only sources of fresh water for the Maya settlements in the most territory of Yucatan. Currently, the majority of villages are also located next to the cenotes.

In the north-western part of the Yucatan cenotes are located in an arc along the tectonic faults of the meteorite crater Chicxulub formed by a meteorite impact that caused the extinction of dinosaurs, according to scientists. The wells located on this arc differ from all the other cenotes with its depth that reaches to 150 m; they have vertical walls, so they are called shaft cenotes. A layer of dissolved hydrogen sulfide formed during the decay of organic matter lies in many of them at depth of 30-40 m.

The prices are valid till Dec 31, 2018!

Attention! The dates of arrival are changed from Apr 24, 2018!

Dates of arrival:

2018: May 5 and 21, Jun 9 and 25, Jul 7 and 23, Aug 4 and 20, Sept 8 and 24, Oct 6 and 22, Nov 3 and 19, Dec 8 and 24

Day 1. Cancun

Meeting at the Airport. Transfer and accommodation in a 4* hotel. Free time to relax and to walk around the city.

Day 2. Cancun – Tulum – Lake of Bacalar – Chetumal

Departure from the hotel.

Tulum is the only city built by the Maya on the coast of sea that served as a port of an ancient regional center Koba. Besides, it is the only Mayan city that had walls. The place is very beautiful, cacti and briars grows in the crevices of rocks, large iguanas live here too, turquoise waves surge towards the beach with white coral sand. At the time of the Mayan civilization this city was called Zama, that means "sunrise", and the name of Tulum means "the wall, the fence".

You will then visit Bacalar. It is a tourist center with attractions such as the fortifications that protected from pirates, archaeological monuments of the Maya, and the lake of Bacalar where you can swim and enjoy the cool.

Moving to Chetumal. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 3. Chetumal – Kohunlich – Becan – Palenque

In the morning, after breakfast, you will visit the ceremonial center of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization – Kohunlich. Its main attraction is the Pyramid of the Masks, erected in honor of the sun god. Notable in this ancient city is the fact that various architectural styles are presented there, reflecting the close ties of former residents of the city with other centers of the Mayan civilization.

Then you will visit Becan, an archaeological site of the Mayan civilization. It is one of the most interesting complexes in the territory of the former so-called state of Rio Bec. Becan is known for its system of protection, a ditch dug along the ramparts which surrounds the city. Hence the origin of its name is: translated from Yucatec language, it means "a moat formed by water".

After that we'll go to the city of Palenque (Chiapas). Accommodation in a 4* hotel. Free time to relax or to walk around the city.

Day 4. Palenque – Campeche

A visit to Palenque. It is the most beautiful city of the Maya, according to archaeologists around the world. Elegant palaces, pyramids and temples with white lacy ridges rise in the blue skies over green rainforests, like the lost city of legends. The tomb of King Pacal was found in one of the pyramids there.

Moving to Campeche – colonial city built for a defense against pirates. It is in the UNESCO World Heritage list. On the way to Campeche we will stop at the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, where you’ll have a chance to swim.

Arrival to the city and accommodation at the hotel.

Day 5. Campeche – Uxmal – Merida

Moving from Campeche to visit Uxmal, one of the most imposing cities of Mayas. Many centuries ago Uxmal was a powerful outpost which defended Mayas. "Build for three times" is the translation of the name of the city. You will see the oval Magician pyramid, the Palace of Nuns, the House of Turtles etc.

Moving to the city of Merida. The former name of it is T-ho. It is an ancient city with its own traditions where the architecture of Spanish colonists and Europeans is represented, the city with narrow streets and shady parks. White City – Merida is called so because of its mined limestone and the walls of houses painted in white. City tour in one of the first colonial towns in Mexico.


Day 6. Merida – Chichen Itza – Cenote Ik Kil – Cancun / Riviera Maya

Transfer to Chichen Itza. It's a huge archaeological complex located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Chichen Itza was a major regional center of the Mayan civilization, later conquered and rebuilt by the Toltecs, and thus having many architectural styles. There is a huge number of stone buildings in various states of preservation, many of which have been restored. Dominant center of Chichen Itza is a pyramid of Kukulkan, often referred to a temple.

The tour ends with swimming: after exhausting heat it’s a pleasure to sink into the cool water of the beautiful karst underground Cenote Ik Kil.

Moving to Cancun / Riviera Maya. Accommodation in different hotels.

Accommodation at the hotel.

* Attention!

Having health insurance is obligatory!
Hotels can be changed for the hotels of the same category and diet.
In case of reservation DBL +EXB or TRPL many hotels in Mexico provide only two beds queen size! In the excursion program we recommend you to reserve DBL + SNGL!
It is possible to extend the tour for the rest on the coast – on your request.
Please contact our managers for information of hotels reserving.


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