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Guatemala. Guatemala City

Guatemala – the capital of the eponymous state and the largest city in the country – was founded in 1524 by the conquistador Pedro de Alvarado and originally bore the name of Santiago. It is an amazing city, full of quirks and its mysteries.

Guatemala. Coban

According to legend, the city was founded by Dominican friars in 1543. In turn, the Spanish King Charles V gave him the title of "Imperial City", which is still preserved in the memories of local residents and is the pride of them.

Guatemala. Tikal

More than 2,500 years ago a small village appeared on one of the hills in the north of the current Guatemala on Yucatan Peninsula. It was founded by Mayan Indians, who has given to mankind a wonderful and powerful civilization.

Guatemala. Quirigua

Quirigua Archaeological Zone is located on the east of the country, 150 km from the capital of Guatemala, in the Motagua River valley, near the border with Honduras. Area is famous for its imposing carved obelisks of stone, which are like the columns and have drawings and hieroglyphics on its surface.

Guatemala. Izabal Lake

Izabal is Guatemala's largest lake with area of 589.6 km2. It is situated in a valley between the mountains of Santa Cruz in the north-west and the mountains of Minas and Isidro in the south. It is another amazing mystical place in the country, enveloped in many mysteries and enigmas.

Guatemala. Rio Dulce

You’ll remember for long time the hourney to the Rio Dulce, which translated from Spanish means "Sweet River". It flows out of Izabal Lake and goes directly into the Caribbean Sea.

Guatemala. Livingston

The small town of Livingston with a population of 14,350 people is located at the mouth of the Rio Dulce at the north-eastern Guatemala.

Guatemala. Seibal

Surrounded by centuries-old forest of huge ceiba trees this amazing city is one of the most accessible and impressive archeological sites in Guatemala.

Guatemala. Flores

A tiny green town with a population of just 13,700 people as well as many other cities in Guatemala is a part of the heritage of the Maya. However, it is fame not for the ruins of the pre-Columbian era, but for its rather strange location.

Guatemala. Yaxha

Yaxha such as Tikal is located in northern Peten province of Guatemala, near the border with Belize. This amazing ancient city is the second largest archaeological site in Guatemala, which has the pyramids and other monuments of the great Mayan civilization.

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