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Cacaxtla and Tlaxcala

Cacaxtla and Tlaxcala


You will visit the archaeological site of Cacaxtla, famous for its amazing frescoes that tell us about fury warriors, mysterious gods and priests.

Cacaxtla was the capital of the region where the Olmec tribe Xicallanca lived. The origin of these tribe is unspecified, but it is assumed to inhabit Mesoamerica approximately 400’s years BC. Cacaxtla reached its peak during the years 700-900 BC and after the fall of Teotihuacan it was the main religious, political and economic center of Mesoamerica.

Cacaxtla is a vivid example of a new type of construction, which its former inhabitants used. Residents raised new buildings on the site of the old ones. This method of construction was used by many tribes of Mesoamerica. Undoubtedly, the main feature of the Cacaxtla archaeological zone are frescoes, that have not lost their coloring to the present days.

It is impossible to put all about this place into words – it's worth to see it.

Tlaxcala is one of the treasures of the colonial period. During the Spanish conquest its inhabitants rebelled against the Aztecs and with Cortes participated in the capture of Tenochtitlan.


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