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Panoramic tour of Mexico City

Panoramic tour of Mexico City


A panoramic tour of the capital of Mexico – Mexico City, a huge metropolis, the giant city, founded by Spanish conquerors on the site of the ancient Aztec capital – Tenochtitlan . We'll follow the main street of Mexico – Paseo de la Reforma, and visit the main square of the capital – Zócalo, the second largest square in the world. You'll visit the Presidential Palace, where you will familiarize yourself with murals of Diego Rivera – the famous Mexican mural artist. You will visit the Cathedral of Mexico, the construction of which dragged on for 250 years. 

You can also visit the ruins of the ancient capital of Tenochtitlan, where you will see Templo Mayor – it was a 65-meter-high pyramid, the main temple of the Aztecs. On the top this pyramid the Aztecs made blood sacrifices for their gods in the hope of preventing the arrival of the end of the era of the Fifth Sun.

Then you'll see the collection of Anthropological Museum, the largest museum of Latin America, which houses thousands of pieces of ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica: Olmec, Aztec, Zapotec, Mixtec, Maya, etc. Here you will see the famous 24-ton Aztec Calendar, or rather, Stone of Suns, counting down the last period and predicting a future; multi-ton Olmec heads; colorful murals of Teotihuacan; unique filigree jewelry of Mixtecs. And perhaps, you will be able to understand the truth of the mysterious Mayan civilization.


* The National Palace is not always open to the public. Mexico Experts Travel reserves the right to miss a visit to the Palace on the occasion of the events in the Zocalo, visits of foreign dignitaries and other circumstances that may affect the closing of the palace.


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