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Ica is one of the resorts of the country that combines a lot of ancient archaeological sites with a variety of active rest. The center of the region of the same name is located in the central part of the country at an altitude of 402 m above the sea, south of the capital Lima on 306 km. The location of Ica is remarkable: on one side of the city a Pacific coast with beaches of white sand lies, and on the other − Nazca desert, known for its cryptic signs left by ancient Indian civilizations, is located.

The territory of modern Ica at different times was the center of the three Native American civilizations of pre-Inca periods: Ica, Nazca and Paracas. They existed and evolved here in V-XV centuries before coming of the Incas to this land. In 1563 these lands were captured by the Spaniards, who founded here the first city named Valverde de Ica. Unfortunately, it was soon destroyed by a major earthquake. The new city was built on the spot where now Ica is.

Today Ica is not only the administrative center of the large province, but also one of the most important cities in the south of Peru. Its industry is mainly represented by the production of alcoholic beverages, especially wine, liquor based on grape juice and grape vodka, called pisco. By the way, the vodka can be considered a national drink of Peruvians. Numerous vineyards grown in the oases of the desert give the raw material for the production of delicious wines, stored in local cellars. Some of these cellars, as Vista Alegre, Takama or Okukahe, appeared at the colonial era. Now they are points of interest of Ica and attract lovers of the history of wine-making.

There are some world-famous museums in the city. In one of them you will get acquainted with the exposition of pre-Columbian mummies. The Regional museum is known for its collections dedicated to the culture of Paracas, Nazca and Inca, and the collection of quipus (talking knots) largest in Peru. And in the museum of Dr. Cabrera the largest collection of so called "Ica stones" – the boulders, on the surface of which the ancient inhabitants of the Andes are engraved – is represented. Unique stones depict various stages of complicated surgeries (including brain transplantation) and dinosaurs, cut in detail and easily determined for their specific belonging. Official Peruvian authorities believe that the stones are fake and do not consider them to be the historical values.


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