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The capital of Peru − the country of sunny beaches and ancient Indian relics − is Lima. This city of many millions sprawls at the foot of the Andes, 12 km from the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Like most cities, Lima is a city of contrasts. Luxury and luster of villas of rich people, located on the coast, adjoin the squalor and poverty of shacks in central areas.

Ciudad de los Reyes, or "City of Kings" – it was the name which the founder of Lima, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro wanted to use, when in 1535 he planned its project. But this name did not settle down with the local residents, who called the new settlement in honor of the Rimac River, that flew nearly. Later the name was distorted and gradually transformed into a modern "Lima". Originally the founders of the city were attracted by the bay convenient for ships, as well as fertile land, but they were able to "appreciate" all the shortcomings of the local climate for several later.

The main cluster of historic monuments is in the Old Town, which was built in the era of the development of the Americas. In 1991, it was assigned to the objects of the world cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. The Armas Square is the central in Old Town. From here the foundation of Lima began. There is a stone fountain at its center, on the place where once the fires of medieval Inquisition were burning. The area is surrounded by many other attractions.

In the northern part of the square the Presidential Palace was built: the base of it was laid during the life of the founder of Lima. Opposite it is the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, the oldest and most beautiful building in the city with carved wooden balconies. It is a burial chapel of Francisco Pizarro. One side of the coffin with the body is of glass, so visitors can see the mummy of the great conquistador.

Also not far to the square is the monastery of St. Francis, founded by Franciscan friars in the XVII century. The main value of this temple is a collection of paintings "The Apostles", made by Spanish artists. Under the monastery there are extensive catacombs that at the time of the conquistadors were local cemetery.

You can learn more about the history of Lima and Peru since the appearance of first person on this place to nowadays by visiting the many museums of the capital. The most famous among them are the National History Museum, the Museum of the Republic, the Museum of Peruvian culture, the National Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology, and the Museum of Viceroyalty.

It’s worth to visit Miraflores, the district of Lima, where the majority of the theaters and restaurants is. Barranco, the bohemian district of Lima, is the center of its night life. Here you can walk down the Lovers Street, which leads to the observation deck of the Pacific Ocean, visit the Bridge of Sighs, in general, to plunge into the romantic atmosphere.


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