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Army Day in Guatemala

Army Day in Guatemala

Every year on June 30 Guatemala celebrates the Army Day. The holiday traces its history from the distant 1871, when the generals Miguel Garcia Granados and Justo Rufinos Barrios triumphantly entered the capital of Guatemala during the revolution against the Dictator Vicente Cerna.

Guatemala obtained the independence from Spain on September 15, 1821, but the political domination of the Spaniards did not cease until 1871, when a Liberal Revolution happened. Generals Granados and Barrios realized the important reforms in the country, one of which the creation of the Armed Forces of Guatemala was.


Initially, the country celebrated the 30th of June as a Revolution of 1871 Day, and only in the middle of XX century it was devoted to the Armed Forces. In modern Guatemala the military parades, honoring of outstanding soldiers and officers, the different celebrations are organized on this day.



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