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Peru. Group tours

Peru is amazing country that has a lot of natural and historical attractions, and even a couple of months is not enough to inspect all of them. We offer you several tours to get acquainted with the iconic places of this country. Discover Peru to yourself!

Peru. Arequipa

It is the second largest city of the country, whose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arequipa is also called the "White City" because its houses are built of polished stone volcanic rock.

Peru. Ica

City surrounded by huge sand dunes was founded in 1563 and quickly became a very important center of agriculture. And since 1560 Ica is considered to be the center of the Peruvian wine-making.

Peru. Iquitos

Iquitos is one of the most interesting places of the Amazon, only because it's the largest city in the world that has no land connection with other cities (not counting 100 km of the road to the small town of Nauta). You can get here either by air or by water.

Peru. Cusco

It’s a gem of Peru − once the capital of the richest city of the Incas, "the navel of the earth", included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. The cradle of the Inca civilization, it attracts the crowds of tourists who want to explore the history and the culture of amazing people.

Peru. Lima

It will seem strange and incomprehensible why Lima, the capital of Peru, is called a poor beauty. But it will up to that moment when you’ll visit this extraordinary city, the city of contradictions and contrasts.

Peru. Machu Picchu

The Lost City of the Incas was discovered in 1911 by the American scientist Hiram Bingham, who only followed the local boy-guide in the search for legendary gold of the Incas. Now Machu Picchu is the card not only of Peru, but of South America in whole.

Peru. Pisco

A small town with a population of only 54,193 people was founded by the Spaniards in 1640. It was named in honor of the tribe of the same name, who lived in this place before. In the language of Quechua "pisco" means "flying bird".

Peru. Puno

The largest settlement on the shores of beautiful Titicaca Lake was founded in 1668. It became very rich in the colonial era due to the fact that there the silver was found. Today it is one of the agricultural, commercial and tourist centers of the country.

Peru. Nazca Valley

The strange lines and geoglyphs of Nazca Valley, representing the mystical images of animals (spider, condor, hummingbird), and even human (astronaut) are the mysterious enigma of Peru. Who, how and why did leave us this message? It is unknown. Perhaps the humanity will need much time to solve this amazing puzzle.

Peru. Titicaca Lake

On the border of Peru and Bolivia at an altitude of 3820 m above the sea, a largest reserve of fresh water in South America, Lake Titicaca, lies. Its name translated from the Quechua language, spoken by the Incas pushed into oblivion, means "mountain cougar" or "winner’s rock".

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