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Gastronomic tours
A thousand of flavors of Mexican mole

Mole is the popular name of Mexican sauces and condiments such as guacamole, and others. The route of our tour passes through the cities of Puebla and Oaxaca, famous for its cuisine, which uses the specific Mexican dressing − the mole.

The art of tequila' making and the music of mariachis

Guadalajara is the birthplace of the famous tequila, tirelessly singing mariachis and fearless charros − Mexican cowboys.

The culture of wine-making. Mexican wines of Baja California.

Baja California or California peninsula is a long, narrow peninsula in northwestern Mexico. It’s washed by the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Gulf of California in the east. This is the main wine-growing region of the country: it produces 90% of Mexican wine, there are numerous vineyards, and the number of distilleries is more than five dozen.

The holiday of Vendimia

Vendimiya – in English, the word "vintage" is equal to this concept – is a harvesting of grapes intended for wine production. From of old the producers of wine were in awe of this moment, it was a celebration of their work. We invite you to become a part of such celebration!

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