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Ecological and entertaining tours
ATV tour on the mountain Ajusco, Mexico City

We propose you the exciting ATV rides on the mountain Ajusko near Mexico City. The scale and the space will impress you! You'll be provided with bright unforgettable impressions!

A trip to the Mexican ranch

You will visit a cozy Mexican ranch and sink into the features of its life. You’ll be told about how the life flows in Mexico, what live this country and its people with, and what is valuable to the Mexicans. You’ll feel the Mexican hospitality, the warmth of the Mexican land and the hot rays of the sun in Mexico.

Alpinism for funs: La Malinche and Pico de Orizaba

Only some people know that Mexico has not only amazing historical monuments and rich natural resources, but also wonderful places for mountaineering fans. The volcanos Pico de Orizaba and La Malinche will give to both beginners and experienced climbers the unforgettable experience.

Pico de Orizaba mountaineering

The Pico de Orizaba, also known as Citlaltepetl, reaching a height of 5636 m above sea level, is the highest peak in Mexico. The volcanic cone, triangular sign resting against the sky, many centuries ago had served as a landmark which can be seen from the shores of modern Veracruz, approaching to the mysterious Aztec empire.

Gray whales: La Paz – Los Cabos

Gray whales are the most ancient species of baleen whales. These animals are known to man from ancient times, because their whole life is spent in the coastal waters. These animals are considered to be one of the most ancient mammals – the age of the species is about 30 million years.

Whales watching: Los Cabos

Whales are amazing creatures. Their ancestors appeared on Earth 55 million years ago, long before the first man. Being the largest animals on earth, the whales include several species of marine mammals. For many centuries, whales are the miracle of nature in human imagination.

Sport fishing

Mexican coast waters are one of the best places for fishing, popular among true fishermen all over the world. Blue and white marlins, dolphin fish, tuna, barracuda and other fish are hunted for here. We suggest you to combine a great vacation with your favorite hobby!

Diving with great white sharks

Guadalupe Island, located 264 km to the west of the city of Ensenada, is considered one of the best places in the world to observe the great white sharks. From August to November dozens of large and aggressive ocean predators swim up here.

Monarch butterflies

Nature itself has produced a colorful spectacle for tourists: every autumn, millions of red and golden butterflies fly from Canada and the United States to Mexico overcoming thousands of kilometers for the winter time. Monarch butterflies have chosen high-altitude forests of Michoacan, where a unique Biosphere Reserve was created, from November to March serving as a hospitable home for these amazing travelers.

The caves of Tolantongo

Hidden among the mountains of the Mexican state of Hidalgo, the caves of Tolantongo form a true oasis: a number of thermal pools will make you feel yourself "in the Garden of Eden."

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