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Diving with great white sharks

Diving with great white sharks


White shark is one of the largest predatory fish on earth and the most dangerous for human kind, since the majority of attacks on humans is attributed to it. The average size of the predator is 5-6 m with a weight of 600 to 3200 kg, although the individual with a length of 11 m was measured, and it seems no to be the limit. The species with a length less than 4 m have not yet reached puberty and are considered to be young.

The scientists have discovered an interesting fact: at the end of the Tertiary period there were great white sharks up to 30 m of length. In the mouth of this giant eight people could easily accommodate, and if this kind would live up to now, the existence side by side would not bring any good to mankind.

To explore these predators, a luxury yacht in 19 hours will take you from Ensenada to Guadalupe Island, in the waters around which you will be able to watch the great predator for three days. Dives is realized with full diving equipment in a metal cage, taking account of the full safety of tourists in contact with sharks.

Required documents: a Certificate of diver (if you wish to use the deep cages), DAN insurance or equivalent one, and request form (posted no later than August 25).

You will need:

- Comfortable clothing that does not take up much space (T-shirts, shorts, pants, jacket, sweatshirt and a thin cap)
- Sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, motion sickness pills, personal first aid kit, camera, favorite book or disk (there are the DVD players in the cabins).

The program includes:

- Ground transfer from Tijuana to Ensenada
- 5 nights of accommodation on a yacht
- Food and non-alcoholic beverages on board.

Does not include:

- Accommodation in Tijuana
- Port taxes and fees (80 USD per person)
- Transfer from the airport or hotel to the gathering site
- Eating out yachts
- Tips to the yacht team (200 USD per person)
- Flight to Tijuana
- Diving equipment
- Going out from the cage, which is possible only if three professional divers go out together (2300 USD).


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