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The holiday of Vendimia

The holiday of Vendimia


In the Valley of Guadalupe – Mexico's wine region, the wines of which are known far beyond the country – the harvest is cropped in late July and in August the festivities dedicated to this event begin. It is a magical holiday of Vendimia, the holiday of grapes rebirth into wine – otherwise, as a magic, this process cannot be called.

In honor of the celebration the wine companies arrange concerts, theatrical performances with famous actors and musicians of the country. The obligatory part of Vendimia is also traditional Mexican dances and mariachi’s singing.

Ordinary tourists can participate in the making of wine... working with own feet. For the joy of participants of the celebration there are huge tubs filled with recently harvested grapes. And after active and exciting labor the tourists will taste the local cheeses, wines and the dishes of local cuisine.

Dates of arrival – from July, 28 to August, 10

Day 1. Mexico City

Arrival in Mexico City. Meeting at the airport, transfer and accommodation in a 4* hotel. Briefing with the guide about the program. Free time.

Day 2. Mexico City

Breakfast at the hotel.

Familiarization with the cuisine of Mexico. Master class of cooking of Mexican national dishes.

Return to the hotel. Free time.

Day 3. Mexico City: a panoramic tour of the city, Teotihuacan and the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Breakfast at the hotel.

A visit to the city's main square Zocalo, the Cathedral ? the main cathedral of the Catholic country, and the Presidential Palace with murals by Diego Rivera, in which he narrated the history of Mexico from pre-Columbian times to the XX century. You will see the ruins of the Templo Mayor pyramid and hear the story of the bloody sacrifices of the Aztecs.

Further, the way lies to the Pyramids of the Sun and of the Moon in Teotihuacan. Unknown powerful civilization of the beginning of AD, puzzling to the scientists by high level of knowledge of mathematics and astronomy... Teotihuacan is "the place where the gods are born". This ancient city was the political, religious and economic center of Mesoamerica for eight centuries.

On the way back you will visit the place of pilgrimage for Catholics of the world (second only to the Vatican) – the Shrine. Holy Guadalupe has taken the indigenous people of America under her protection.

Return to the hotel.

Free time.

Day 4. Mexico City – Tijuana / Ensenada / Puerto Nuevo

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Tijuana.

Arrival. A brief tour of the city. A visit to the restaurant "Caesar's Palace", where for the first time in the 20s of the last century the recipe of a popular salad was invented by Caesar Cardini, the restaurant owner.

Accommodation in a 4* hotel in one of these cities. Free time.

Day 5. Tijuana / Ensenada / Puerto Nuevo – Guadalupe Valley

Breakfast at the hotel.

Find the answer to the eternal question "red or white?" Our excursion to the wineries "Monte Xanic" and "La Cetto" will help you. It is impossible to go to Mexico, to the valley of vineyards de Guadalupe, without tasting of the famous Mexican wines!

The history of Mexican winemaking dates back to 1521, the next year after the arrival of Spanish conquistadors to the Mexican land. They were not going to renounce the wine away from home! At this time, Cortes issued a decree that all new Spanish settlers were due to cultivate grapes on lands granted to them. As a result, the country became well-provided for wine and no longer needed the export of it from Andalusia to the end of the century.

The descendants of first Russian immigrants – Molokans – are successful winemakers too in Baja California. Molokans settled here a century ago. Hard-working, striving for peace within the community and beyond, they quickly gained respect among the local population. We suggest you to visit the House-Museum of the first Russian settlers of the last century in Mexico, to know their way of life and traditions.

Then you will lunch in Puerto Nuevo with the lobster and famous Mexican beer "Crown".

Return to the hotel. Free time.

Day 6. Tijuana – Los Cabos

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Cabo San Lucas.

Arrival and accommodation at the hotel. Rest.

Days 7-8. Los Cabos


Day 9. Los Cabos – Mexico City

Discharge from the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Mexico City.

Arrival. Transfer to flight. Departure from the country.


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