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A tour "Mexico wishes you Happy New Year!"

A tour "Mexico wishes you Happy New Year!"


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You’ll enjoy an unforgettable journey from the capital city of Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula! You will visit the archaeological areas, where once the largest cities of the Maya civilization flourished, you’ll walk through the historic centers of the picturesque colonial towns, enjoy plenty of amazing sceneries of beautiful Mexico, breathtaking even for experienced travelers. At the end of the journey you can take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, soak up on the pearly white sands of the beautiful beaches of Cancun.

On New Year's Eve a sumptuous dinner in one of the best restaurants in the capital will wait for you. Happy New Year!

Day 1, December 30, 2017

Arrival to Mexico City. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Rest.

Day 2, December 31, 2017

Mexico City: City tour and Anthropology Museum

Breakfast at the hotel.

You'll visit the city's main square Zocalo, the main Cathedral of the Catholic country, the Presidential Palace with Diego Rivera's amurals, in which he told about the history of Mexico since pre-Columbian times to the XX century. You will see the ruins of Templo Mayor pyramid and listen to the story of the bloody sacrifices of the Aztecs.

Visit to the Anthropology Museum of Mexico City, the biggest in the country and in whole Latin America. The Museum represents unique pieces of the mysterious civilizations of Mesoamerica that had disappeared by unknown reasons. These are the famous Aztec stone calendar, multi-ton stone heads with Negroid features, multicolored frescoes of Teotihuacan with flowers, birds and butterflies. Priceless artifacts of the Maya’s department are keeping a great secret of the unknown, unsolved, making us again and again to ask ourselves the questions: "Who are we? Where are we from?"

Return to the hotel.

In the evening, departure from the hotel, transfer to a Mexican restaurant, where you will celebrate the New Year in a fun atmosphere with dancing and enjoy the wonderful Mexican cuisine (included: mariachis, live music, three-course dinner, a glass of champagne. It's possible to order meals and alcoholic drinks (extra charge). The festival will closed about two o'clock in the morning).

Return to the hotel.

Day 3, January 1, 2018

Mexico City: Teotihucan and Guadalupe Shrine

Breakfast at the hotel.

Then you will visit the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, "the place where gods are born". Teotihuacan was the political, religious and economic center of Mesoamerica for eight centuries. You will climb up to the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon; you’ll admire the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl – the Feathered Serpent, the most revered god of Mesoamerica. Also you will visit the Palace of Jaguars and the Temple of Quetzalpapalotl; you’ll stroll through the residences inhabited in old times, you’ll learn about the culture of the people who lived in this city, who left him for an unknown reason. For centuries Teotihuacan fascinates by its mystery. Maybe for you it will open its secrets...

On the way back a visit to the place of pilgrimage for Catholics of the world (second only to the Vatican), the Shrine of Guadalupe, is planned. The Virgin of Guadalupe has taken under protection all the indigenous people of America.

Return to the hotel. Rest.

Day 4, January 2, 2018

Mexico City – Taxco – Mexico City

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Taxco. Tour of the town.

Taxco is a Silver capital of Mexico, one of the most charming towns situated in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Red tiled roofs of Taxco always leave a lasting impression. The beauty of Taxco has become legendary. Its old buildings declared as a national property, and are under the protection of UNESCO; and new ones are built in a colonial style to keep a style of the town. The real treasure of the city is the church of Santa Prisca, built of pink stone. Taxco is a paradise for shoppers. Silver and handicrafts are sold everywhere; these are fine jewelry, and wooden masks, and the pictures on the bark of tree.

Return to Mexico City. Rest.

Day 5, January 3, 2018

Mexico City – Puebla – Villahermosa

Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.

A trip to Puebla City, the capital of the same-named state. The road to Puebla passes between the snow-capped volcanoes – Popocatepetl, Iztaccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba – the highest active volcanoes in the Northern Hemisphere.

Puebla is also called the City of Angels. According to legend, the angels have designed a plan for the city. And so, the first city planners have vowed to build 365 churches in the city. You will familiarize yourself with the inimitable colonial architecture of the city; you’ll visit the Church of Santo Domingo and the Chapel Del Rosario, built in Baroque-Churrigueresque style. And don't forget to taste the famous chocolate sauce – the mole, in one of the Mexican restaurants.

Departure to Villahermosa. Arrival to the city, accommodation at the hotel.

Day 6, January 4, 2018

Villahermosa – Palenque

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to "La Venta". It’s an archaeological area, where unique products of Olmecs, the earliest civilization of Mesoamerica, are gathered. The Olmecs cut up for us huge multi-ton basalt heads that were the portraits of people who lived five millennia ago. Tourists will see the world famous bas-relief "Man in the serpent," which caused a huge controversy in the scientific world. So, who is depicted in bas-relief: an astronaut in helmet with intercom system, pressing on the pedal on the remote control rocket? Or is it the fruit of our imagination? You will also see the "Pedestrian", the famous bas-relief depicting a walking person, who has significant characteristics of the white human race. According to the scientists, the white people didn’t live in the America before the XVI century. A statue of a monkey, which threw back its head and clasped its legs, looking at the sky with horror, is interesting too.

Why did Olmec civilization disappear? Why, leaving, did the Olmecs deliberately bury all their treasures? (Duration of the excursion – 1.5-2 hours)

Departure to Palenque. Arriving to Palenque at 14:00.

Visit the archaeological site of Palenque, one of the great Mayan cities. Snow-white lacy combs of temples in the truncated pyramids on the background of emerald green of the jungle create the grandeur and harmony inherent in all structures of the Mayan civilization. (Duration – 2 hours).

Accommodation at the hotel. Free time.

Day 7, January 5, 2018

Palenque – Merida

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure to Merida at 8:30.

Beautiful landscapes of Mexico – mountains and plains, volcanoes with white caps, tropical jungles and deserts covered with sparse vegetation, planting of agave, from which a fiery mezcal is made – will accompany you along the route.

On the way – a stop for 4 hours in Champoton. Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Lonely, lost hotel on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean with white sand beach. A lunch at the restaurant at the request of tourists.

Arrival to Merida at 21:00. It is a charming town with narrow streets, colonial architecture and shady parks. White City, as it is called because of mined limestone and the walls of houses painted in white. Before the arrival of the conquerers Merida was the center of the Mayan culture in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 8, January 6, 2018

Chichen Itza – Ik Kil – Cancun

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure to Chichen Itza. Excursion.

Chichen Itza is a gem of Mayan-Toltec architecture. The most famous pyramid of here is Kukulkan, adorned with a stone throne in the form of a jaguar with jade eyes. You will also see the Temple of Warriors, the sacrificial well and the largest in America stadium for the ball game.

Next, swimming in a cenote Ik Kil, the most beautiful karst lake of Yucatan.

Lunch. Departure to Cancun.

Accommodation at the hotel of the selected category. Rest.


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