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Arequipa is often called the "southern capital". Indeed, its people are not very concerned about what is happening in distant Lima.

The gem of colonial architecture of Peru, Arequipa was founded in 1540 on the site of a settlement of the Incas. A special material sillar which is light volcanic tuff was used for the construction of the city. It is extracted until now with the most primitive methods in the quarries and is used for construction.

The city is spread in a valley between three volcanoes. For centuries, Arequipa suffers the earthquakes, as the city is situated on the fault line of the crust. However, most of the buildings of the colonial period are preserved here. Magnificent temples and simple houses look impressively on the background of the snow-capped peaks.

Arequipa is the third most visited tourist city in Peru (after Cuzco and Lima), it is visited by 1.5 million people for year. Popular tourist sites include the convent of Santa Catalina (XVI century), the Arms Square and the district Yanahuara. The Cathedral of Arequipa stood the test of many earthquakes, and it’s the world's only Catholic church, inside of which, at the altar, you can see the image of the devil as the symbol of dual unity of Good and Evil. Arequipa's main square is considered to be the most beautiful in Peru. Mansions, churches and monasteries built in the XVII century do not dull the walk around the city. Everything here is history, tranquility, sun and deliberation.

Arequipa is also the starting point for excursions to the Colca Canyon, the second deepest in the world, with its nesting condors; to the hot wells near Chivay and to climbing the nearby volcanoes of El Misti and Chachani.




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