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Independence Day in Guatemala

Independence Day in Guatemala

In 2017, Guatemala, with other Central American countries (El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica), celebrates 196 years of independence.

In the days of the Constitution of Cadiz (1812-1814 and 1820-1821) the Kingdom of Guatemala disappeared, but instead there were two independent of each other provinces – the Province of Guatemala and the Province of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In 1821, on the eve of independence, three provinces – Chiapas, El Salvador and Honduras – were formed, separated from the province of Guatemala.

On September 15, 1821 the Mexican Chiapas declared its independence from Spain. This date marked the beginning of independent nations of all Central America.

On the eve of Independence Day in Guatemala the races with a torch are held. The first such event was organized in 1959 in the capital of the country. The races symbolize the event of 1821, when the riders on full gallop were carrying across of Guatemala the news about the independence proclaimed on the basis of the statement signed by the civil and religious authorities.

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In the schools of Guatemala in honor of Independence Day the celebrations, concerts and reading of patriotic poems are organized.


The holiday is celebrated with military and musical parades, concerts and feasts on the streets and in the evening the Guatemalans delightfully watch the fireworks.

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