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The Flag Day in Mexico

The Flag Day in Mexico

The flag of Mexico is a rectangular width with ratio of sides 4:7, which consists of three equal vertical stripes. The green one means hope as well as an abundance of natural resources, the white one – purity, the red one – the blood of national heroes shed for independence. In the middle of the white stripe of the flag there is a national emblem of Mexico – an eagle sitting on a cactus and pecking a snake. According to Aztec legend, the god Huitzilopochtli predicted to the Aztecs, who were looking for land to live, that they need to find an eagle sitting on stony ground on top of nopal cactus (Opuntia) and devouring a snake. Finding this eagle, they settled there and erected the first temple in honor of the patron god Huitzilopochtli. The same eagle is depicted in the middle of the flag. Today in Mexico City you can see the monument in memory of the legendary event that launched Mexico.


According to the protocol adopted in the country, the military salute to the national flag of the country, and the civil welcome it in such way: the feet should be together, right hand with open palm facing the floor – mounted horizontally at heart level.


February 24, 1935, an employee of the Bank of Mexico Benito Ramirez organized a guard of honor to celebrate the national flag at his home. Such practice has been continued until 1940, when the President Lazaro Cardenas decided to celebrate officially the 24th of February as a Flag Day. On this day, Mexicans decorate their homes with small flags, in schools a festive celebration of the national flag is arranged, and concerts too; in kindergarten kids do the little flags of colored paper. Mexicans honor their flag, proudly remembering the heroes who gave them a freedom.

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Independence Day in Mexico

Perhaps one of the most important holidays in Mexico is Independence Day. Each year the festival gathers thousands of people in the main squares of major cities of the country; the Mexicans carefully prepare to the celebration decorating their homes with national symbols, hanging out numerous flags and even cooking traditional, characteristic for this date dishes.

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